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Comfortable and stylish women's sandals for every occasion

The most popular summer shoes? Sandals! It is hard to imagine that this cut would be missing in a woman's wardrobe during the holiday season. High temperatures encourage wearing shoes with open toes and heels. Holidays are also a time of fashion experiments and a bit more styling slack. Are you looking for shoes for a beach party or an outdoor music festival? Your wardrobe lacks sports sandals, and a holiday trip to the mountains is fast approaching? Or maybe you are planning to buy shoes for your best friend's wedding? At RoyalFashion you will find footwear for every occasion in the most popular women's sizes. From classic flat trainers to elegant open-toe heels. In neutral black, elegant navy blue or extravagant pink - for lovers of classic styling and fashion madness.

Find comfortable women's sandals to take with you on vacation or wear to a family celebration. Need some extra encouragement? We have a few more aces up our sleeve! How about free delivery over PLN 200, express shipping and the possibility of returns up to 365 days? Shop quickly and conveniently at

What to look for when choosing summer sandals?

  • Size

finally they are! Perfect sandals - not only in the same color as the dress you plan to wear to your friend's wedding, but also in your size. Although we know that our shoes can make your heart beat faster, before you add them to the basket, make sure that they will fit perfectly. How to do it without trying on? Refer to the size chart and compare the length of the insole with the shoes you wear every day. Thanks to this, you will minimize the risk of return.

  • Types of materials used

At RoyalFashion, we focus on modern materials characterized by high durability and excellent appearance. For the production of our sandals, ecological leather imitating natural leather (also suede) and high-quality rubber material and fabric were used. Each of these materials is easy to clean and maintain.

Do you live an active life and need shoes that will allow you to quickly move around the city? Can't imagine leaving the house in shoes without heels, even in the summer? Or maybe you are a woman-chameleon and you move with equal grace in sports shoes and ultra-thin high heels? In our offer you will find women's sandals that will allow you to do many activities - from casual models with flat heels to sexy slippers for special occasions.

  • Color

How many women, so many favorite colors! Do you only have shoes in neutral shades in your wardrobe? Or maybe you are the queen of cool styles and you have sandals in all the colors of the rainbow? Regardless of whether you prefer classic black and universal brown, or energetic red and eye-catching yellow, in our store you will find shoes that will meet your color expectations. We are inspired not only by the works of the world's greatest designers, but also by street fashion. Thanks to this, our products are so popular among women, regardless of age and temperament.

  • Price

We know very well that before you add a product to the basket, you look at the price. If you are wondering if you looked right and whether it is possible that such beautiful women's sandals are so cheap, we answer - yes, at RoyalFashion low prices are valid all year round, not only during the sales season.

Women's sandals - the most popular types

Flat-heeled sandals come in three variants: sporty, casual and elegant. Sports shoes have slightly thicker straps and a higher sole, which makes it easier to move in difficult terrain. They are also distinguished by a perfect fit to the foot. In our store you will find a wide selection of flat sandals in various colors, patterns and materials. Whether you prefer natural leather, eco leather or fabric, we have something for you. Thanks to the high-quality materials, our flat sandals are durable and easy to maintain.

Sandals on the post are an alternative to the traditional, thin pin - a thicker heel provides better support for the feet. One of the main advantages of block sandals is that they offer better support for the feet than traditional high heels. Thanks to this, you can enjoy both comfort and the additional effect of slimming your legs. Regardless of whether you are going to meet friends or for an elegant dinner, sandals on the post will add femininity and chic to your outfit.

High heel sandals are synonymous with elegance and femininity. This classic cut of women's shoes perfectly emphasizes the beauty and adds self-confidence to every woman. One of the biggest advantages of sandals on a pin is their ability to optically slim the legs and improve the proportions of the figure. High heels add elegance to the posture and increase self-confidence. In addition, sandals on a pin match both elegant, evening outfits and more casual, everyday sets.

Wedge sandals guarantee the comfort of walking, while adding a few centimeters to your height. Thanks to their unique design, they are perfect for boho, vintage or casual, everyday outfits. In our store, we offer a wide selection of wedge sandals, available in various colors, patterns and materials. Whatever your individual style, we have something to suit you.

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